Editing, editing, and editing some more.

by Alison Rasmussen

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The editing process is creeping along. I used to love editing, but editing my own work isn't as fun as editing other people's writing.

Steffie: Out of the Box Volume II, the second proof, has been uploaded this afternoon, and its files are in review. Within 24 hours, I should be able to order a second hard copy.

While CreateSpace has an online editor, I will need a hard copy to review my photo editing as well. I so wish they (or any other publisher!) offered an affordable glossy page option. As soon as I have the proof in my hands, I should be able to make additional changes (I hope I won't need a third proof!), and/or upload and approve the final version to CreateSpace.

I'm looking at within the next two weeks for an optimistic publication date. Woo hoo!

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