About KittyKate

by Alison Rasmussen

I'm proud to introduce our youngest blogger, my daughter KittyKate. She's a collector and enthusiast, who will posting regularly about her doll collecting adventures. If you have younger doll collectors in your life (daughters, nieces, granddaughters), you might want to mention KittyKate's posts to them. They might enjoy hearing about collecting from a younger perspective.

Hello, my name is KittyKate. I've been collecting dolls since I was five and collecting Hello Kitty since I was two. My main interests are BJDs, Monster High, Liv dolls, and collector Barbies. I'm glad to be posting on this blog, and I will be giving everyone a younger perspective.

I hope to post about my current doll projects, my newest dolls, doll displays (which I am planning to change monthly), or just some funny photos of dolls being "attacked" by the cats.

Current favorites in my collection are all four of my Liv dolls (I'm hoping to get the back-to-school Liv dolls!), Bobobie Isabella, Barbie Autumn Glory, 2008 Holiday Barbie (I'm hoping to get the 2010 Holiday Barbie, too--she's so cute!), 2007 Barbie shown here and Felixdoll Brownie Pepe, who I named Dove.

Dolls on my wish list are the rest of the Monster High collection (I have Frankie Stein from ComicCon), Dollzone Shoyo, IMPLdoll Dorisy and Evonnei. I also wish that Mom would just give them to me because she has enough dolls of her own.

Our cats' names are Lily, Nico and Colbear. Lily and Nico love to knock down my dolls from their shelves. Colbear doesn't really care for dolls. You might have seen a photo of Lily sniffing and biting Alice's hand. I may post about the hazards of collecting dolls and cats.