Supermodel convention dolls--the rest!

by Alison Rasmussen in

Just a quick recap to feature the remaining Integrity Toys dolls from the Supermodel convention. I'm so disappointed I wasn't in attendance this year--although, I am trying to think of the money I've saved myself.

Above, Shade Kyori Sato, the giveaway doll from Friday's Luncheon. She's fabulous. The fewer IT dolls in my collection, the more I adore Kyori, I find. She's limited to 500.

The centerpiece from the luncheon, in a Versace-inspired gown, Legendary Natalia Fatale. I so adore miniature couture, and I don't know why I didn't make the connection with the convention title. (Chicago?? Why, oh why? But seriously--I'm much more into resin these days). She's limited to 350, and her gown is amazing. Love her accessories, and I love her as a whole as well.

Next, here are the remaining pieces of the Industry Tulabelle's You Better Werk! set. Look number 2 includes the vintage Warhol-inspired fashion dress (with the orange muppet coat posted earlier). The colors really look 1980s to me. Look number 3 is a short suit with a cropped tee, and slutty thigh highs, which make her shoes look like over-the-knee boots. Her accessories are pretty cool. Overall, it's a complete giftset, without a single piece of lingerie! (Check out Stratos' blog--apparently the short suit is in the 2016 Moschino resort collection--with thigh-high stockings and everything. An amazing job!)

Full Speed Erin S, limited to 400, was the centerpiece for the W Club luncheon. She appeared posed on a motorcycle, which was for sale separately. Below, we are finally introduced to the new Colette sculpt as the freebie doll, also limited to 400, Checking In.

For the final gala event, the centerpiece doll is Tweed Couture Dania Zarr, limited to 350. I wonder how that necklace works! I adore her suit. (Again--let me refer you to Stratos!)

The convention doll is another beauty, in my opinion. Just gorgeous--that gown. Like the convention collection, she includes a minidress. Dasha appears as Diva, limited to 500, in magenta, coral and red satin with stitching at the bodice and a removable train.

Wouldn't you love to own the entire collection?? Oh, I would!

Wouldn't you love to own the entire collection?? Oh, I would!

I believe there was a companion doll offered as an optional purchase ("Additional 2016 Supermodel Convention Attendee Exclusive"), offered at around $200. She is called La Vie en Bleu Elyse Jolie, designed by Jason Wu. She does not yet have an edition size, meaning she was a preorder. She features "Velvet Touch" skin, but I haven't heard the details of what this is yet.

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