Gift 'Ems Hotel & Spa

by Alison Rasmussen in

The final item in my JAKKS Pacific Gift 'Ems gift box is the Hotel & Spa set. It is very cool, since as you can see, it doubles as even better storage than the Tour Bus. (Again, I'm a huge fan of storage!)

It also includes the other boy Gift 'Em, Jaxson Braxon of Sydney, Australia. It occurred to me that only the boys seem to have jobs--at least of the Gift 'Ems I've see so far. The girls seem to be world travelers, on vacation, and the boys are working. Hmm. Make of that what you will. Maybe the girls are rich heiresses. As you can see in my photos, I am giving both boys some much deserved respite in the hotel room.

The storage capacity is great. So the dolls can fit in the boxes, and the boxes fit easily in the little rooms, and you can close the hotel up and carry it by the handle.

The hotel is easy to assemble. You have to connect the slide in only two places, and then assemble the umbrella. The lounge chairs are cute, but I don't see how useful they are, since the dolls only seem able to stand. But they are still pretty cute.

I'll give you an update after I let my nephew and niece loose on the set. I'll probably bring the set to my parents' house, and keep it there. I think it will be a hit. For what it's worth, my 12 year-old daughter thought it was cute, but wasn't interested in keeping it. She felt it was a little young for her (and she loves dolls). But she said she'd like to see if her cousins would enjoy it, and will probably end up playing with it (along with them, of course). We shall see!

I'm thrilled JAKKS included me on this review, and I'm so happy to have been able to take photos. I hope it's a hit--it's a great concept. I look forward to seeing what becomes of this collection.