New reference site for Integrity Toys Color Infusion dolls!

by Alison Rasmussen in ,

Check out this amazing new site, available as a reference for Color Infusion fans. I got a chance to interview Kel (Lumberjack on the W Club forum), who set up the new reference site for free on his own time, just so fans could have an easy-to-use reference at their fingertips.

First, about the site:

Tell me about about the new reference site. What inspired you to create this website, specifically for Color Infusion dolls?

As the Integrity's JEM dolls is the main reason I joined W Club, I have a big love of the Color Infusion line, which feels like a modern JEM line to me. The outfits are fun and often more casual than the high fashion of Fashion Royalty or NuFace. 

I was always fascinated with the reusing of sculpts and how much characters could change from year to year, but I have found it difficult to find information. All the dolls over the years were never fully catalogued in one place. Having some experience with websites, I tried setting one up over a single weekend. I found a cataloguing plugin that sped things up so much, I had mostly built the site in a weekend and had entered about half the dolls; by that point it seemed like something to finish up and share!

Where did you get the information for the dolls?

In the W Club forums, there is a user named Tara (a.k.a. ScaryDollPerson) who had posted information from an Excel sheet she keeps on the Color Infusion lines. This was the base of all my information as it includes which line the dolls were from, the sculpt used and the skin tone for the body. It was the most information I had ever seen in one place, and I honestly have to thank her for it since I may not have done the site without that information. She also provided me with the complete official "Edge of Night" photos that I was unable to find. I mistakenly thought they were her own photos when I saw them on her Flickr!

Other awesome people like yourself and JennFL from the forums were of a lot of help also. And of course, the Woodsky site is amazing in its completeness and extremely useful.

Do you personally collect these dolls?

I collect the males more than the females, but I definitely do collect CI along with my JEM collection. I don't have a lot of the dolls from the Gloss convention and earlier, but I am searching eBay every once in awhile to see if I can pick up any of my favorites from the early years. Certain JEM sculpts look so good as other characters, especially Jerrica and the Holograms.

Do you have plans to expand the site to other lines?

I plan to include any doll that shares a sculpt with a CI character (Jem, Katy Keene). I've already added Nigel North from the Poppy line into the site as he and CI Miles Morgan were launched in the same year. I would enjoy tracking other lines through here, but the big ones (FR and NuFace) would be a ton of work!

Are you currently looking for additional information? Where can my readers contact you?

I have put my email address on the page and encourage anyone to contact me with information that is missing from the site (or to correct info that is wrong!). I've entered "??" in fields where I don't know the right info; official hair color is a big unknown to me without being able to compare to other dolls where we know the official name.

About you:

What do you collect? Do you have any themes in your collection?

I collect Jem (completist), CI, some Fashion Royalty (Natalia and Vanessa mainly), NuFace (Erin and Giselle mainly) and then Hommes from any and all lines! I find collecting by character allows me to not go overboard in my spending or I'd buy entire lines! 

How long have you been collecting dolls? What inspired you to start collecting?

I had a couple Spice Girl dolls (Ginger and Posh of course) and a couple Barbies from the "On Location" line from years back and wanted to get a guy or two for them. I found a white Ken easily but also wanted a black one too which I couldn't find. I googled "Hot Black Ken doll" one day and found an image of High and Mighty Darius Reid. This was how I discovered Integrity Toys, and after quickly learning how dealers work, I found one eventually that had one left (she said I was very lucky!) and ordered him immediately. From there I bought a few more (Francisco, Kyori and two Natalias) but it wasn't until the JEM line was released that I became a full fledged Integrity Toys collector!

Do you have a favorite doll in your collection currently?

Natalia is my favorite character and my original Femme Du Monde is always special to me. She's been rebodied recently as most of my spare clothes are for the newer FR body. I love the 2.0 Natalia sculpt even more though, so Prestige Natalia is probably the favorite in my collection now. I love her beauty mark, her lip color, and the elegance of her outfit and face. Many love Natalia best when she shows attitude, and I do as well, but this softer Natalia really speaks to me.

For Hommes, it will always be High and Mighty Darius. He needs to come back soon! I love his bald head, and I recently deflocked a "Come Live With Me" Nigel North so I could have two bald guys.

For CI sculpts I'm currently in love with Lucky Red Lorelei. She's the only real redhead I have and I love the JEM sculpt she uses!

Are you on the search for a grail at the moment?

OMG there's so many. I'm always watching for Pewter Natalia and Bellissima Natalia on eBay, but they are so expensive. I try to keep myself happy with recent and upcoming dolls, but those two (as well as Ready To Dare and Shapeshifter) will always tempt me. If I were to buy a doll today for a little more of a reasonable price, I'd love to get Rare Appearance Dania Zarr or Flawless Impact Dania Zarr (and rebody to FR3).

Do you make or sell anything for dolls? Where can my blog readers find your products?

Nothing yet. I would love to make simple clothing options like silk screen t-shirts for the Homme dolls. It's my boyfriend at that sews though, so it would be more his project than mine unless I get around to learning!