Without You - IT companion doll Erin

by Alison Rasmussen in

She's gorgeous! I think I'm in big trouble this year. To be honest, I tried to go to bed to sleep off a little bit of excess Vegas, but I couldn't. 

Erin makes an appearance with a closed mouth, brunette hair (long and wavy to the side) In a gorgeous white dress with lace overlay. The details are amazing! 

She was available for purchase for $135 per attendee (some stood in line for Extras) , after David Buttry's speech, with which he dealt with heckling as confidence boosters. He has and amazing sense of humor. I think this is the black Nd shot shot version of Eliza Doolittle, and she's gorgeous! Erin looks amazing--and I'm sue there will be extra dolls for W club members. Price here is $135, and I think 250 were for sale. Like Lilith, IT has reason to hold off more till next week, which woul possibly be 250 more. No firm numbers though.


Without You Erin

Without You Erin

Nu face body, fr white skin. 

full length