More new Barbie dolls coming soon...

by Alison Rasmussen in

Homecoming Queen Barbie, designed by Bill Greening, is coming in July. She will be available to order from Barbie Collector for BFC Members only. She uses a vintage body (with holes in her feet) and original face mold, with rooted blonde hair. She's dressed in an aqua lace-trimmed tiered tulle gown, and she includes her Homecoming Queen sash. She's wearing a crown, matching open-toe shoes, short white gloves, pearl jewelry, and includes a bouquet of pink roses.

Robert Best has redesigned Dream Date Barbie, with a nod to the 1983 version. She uses the Superstar sculpt (with a more 1990s paint, I think) with rooted blonde hair on a Model Muse body. She is a gold edition, to be released in late summer. Her gown is a nod to Dream Date as well, with a sequined bodice (one-shoulder instead of original strapless), and a ruffled skirt and boa. The boa looks separate, which is also different from the original version.

Because of the rules involved with being a BFC Member, I'm not allowed to post the photos at this time. However, if you are a Barbie Fan Club Member, you can see them at this link on the Bulletin Board, or on the Sneak Peeks bulletin board. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm allowed.