New Year's resolutions...

by Alison Rasmussen in

Vintage Barbie shelf

Do you have resolutions this year? I always try to make them, and end up not quite keeping them. This hasn't discouraged me so far, though.

We are finishing up a hectic week of rearranging the kids' rooms. I still have one bookshelf to sort through, and I'd like to go through my closet. The problem is, I feel like as soon as I donate my too-big clothing, I'll be setting myself up to regain all the weight I lost. But it's time to just buckle down and get it done. Along the same lines, I'm thinking of the doll clothes I own, and doing the same thing with them.

I'm playing with fewer dolls these days, simply because of time constraints. I have several BJDs to sell, plus I have a ton of vintage Barbie I don't enjoy like I used to. There isn't a rush, I suppose--but it would be nice to have the space. I'd like to be able to display each doll in a simple and uncluttered setting. Maybe that means pairing down a little (or more than a little).

Then... there's the Azone problem. I really got into Pure Neemo dolls this past year, and while they are cute, I have way too many! They lose their value once deboxed, of course. I haven't met another collector who'd be interested in the ones I have--well, save my friends Melissa and Megann. Plus, my daughter Lauren would kill me if I got rid of even one! The nice thing is that these dolls display really nicely, since they are only about 10" tall.

As far as conventions go--I'm registered for Grant A Wish, Barbie, and IFDC--though I should make sure I sent in the IFDC registration. I'm also planning to attend the Integrity Toys convention this year, as it's within driving distance. I was thinking of Tonner's Texas convention, but I think that's pushing it.

Finally, I'd like to finish the three books in progress I have this year. I am working on a rewrite/revision of

Steffie: Out of the Box

, which includes the latest dolls, some additional OOAK dolls, and will combine both prior volumes. Second, I'm getting very close to finishing 

Daphne: Out of the Box

, which focuses on Effanbee's/Tonner's Daphne sculpt. I've realized I won't be able to include every Daphne made, as some are just too hard to find and much to pricey for me to justify for this project. I were still interested in hanging on to those taller dolls in my own collection, it would be worthwhile.

Finally, there's the biggest project: the next edition of

Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners

. I have a lot written, but it's just not coming together as easily as I'd like. I got stuck doing a new and improved database of BJD companies, and it's hard to keep on top of what is still around and which companies have gone under. Plus, I'm having problems with the book format, and I may need help this time around.

So, between all of these things and taking more photos of my dolls, I think I'm set!