Full Spectrum Veronique Perrin

by Alison Rasmussen in

Full Spectrum

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Full Spectrum

Veronique Perrin from the 2014 Urban Safari collection. She is one of the many dolls I preordered with the intent to resell but ended up keeping. Originally, I'd intended to order her as a split (the nude doll only), but I loved the way her bright poppy day dress looks with the more muted tones of the Urban Safari collection.

Unfortunately, I ruined one of her hands. I was changing them (or trying to), and it got stuck--it broke off at the wrist. My husband was able to drill out the peg without damaging her lower arm, lucky for me. And I have other extra hands that will suit this skin tone, I believe. I've heard of this happening before; it was just my first experience with it: not fun!

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