Popular fashion doll photos from 2014

by Alison Rasmussen in ,

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty

Here are the top ten fashion doll photos (sorted by number of 


) on Flickr. Above, it's

On the Rise Elise Jolie

, taken at IFDC in July. She was displayed in the Integrity Toys booth. This photo has 30 favorites.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty

Elise was popular this year, and one of the dolls I did not order from the collection. This photo has 28 favorites, and was also taken at IT's display booth at IFDC.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty

On the Prowl Eugenia

was another favorite, coming it at #3 with 25 favorites. She too was on display. I didn't add her to my collection, either.

GAW Saturday Luncheon

Interestingly, this photo of the yellow dress

Barbie Look Red Carpet

collection doll (I think with the Louboutin face) comes in at #4 with 25 favorites (and fewer views). I took this photo at the Grant A Wish convention in April.

GAW Saturday Luncheon

A second Grant A Wish photo from April comes in at #5 with 24 favorites. This

Barbie Look Red Carpet

doll uses the Lea face and is wearing a silver gown.

GAW Saturday Luncheon

Those sneak peeks of the

Barbie Look

collection were quite popular this year. This doll takes the #6 spot with 22 favorites. She uses the lovely Aphrodite face.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty

Weirdly, this dark photo comes in at #7. It's another photo from the IFDC convention, at Integrity's booth.

Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale

has garnered 21 favorites.

GAW Saturday Luncheon

A blurry shot takes up spot #8, also with 21 favorites. This showcases the Mackie, Aphrodite and Lea sculpts of the

Red Carpet Barbie Look

collection previewed at the Grant a Wish convention.

Poppy Parker

Agent Lotta Danger

(Poppy Parker) was manufactured by Integrity Toys, and displayed at IFDC in July. She comes in at #9 with 18 favorites.


French Kissed Tulabelle

is a 16" Integrity Toys doll. She comes in at #9 with 17 favorites. I actually ordered just the fashion from this doll, and it's amazing.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty

Finally, coming in the 10the place with 17 favorites is

Vivid Encounter Adele Makeda

. I ended up ordering this doll, and she is great! I think her dress is amazingly detailed, and I really like her makeup.

After perusing these photos myself, I realize two things: 1) I should continue to attend conventions and doll shows, and 2) I need to take some more photos of dolls that are actually in my collection.