Petworks Momoko: ae <ahcahcum>

by MegannArt, Art and Curious Crafts in

A new Momoko designed by “ahcahcum” Masako Shinya,a fashion designer, is available for pre-order.  She comes all dolled-up in a variety of pink shades as well as red lips and black hair.  She comes with the cool face, not the honey face.  Petworks indicates that the blouse is slightly sheer and the fabric has an original "ahcahcum" print of sexy pin-up girls.

This doll will be produced on order with the pre-order period being from October 27, 2014 to November 16, 2014.  If she is ordered through the

Petworks online store

during the pre-order period, shipping will be free.  She will be delivered between July to August 2015.  Her price is 27,000 yen. 

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Picture courtesy of Petworks.