Steffie of the Day: Barbie Style Midge

by Alison Rasmussen in


I found a new Steffie on Amazon the other day. She was new to me--which is unusual, but not impossible. Seeing as I wrote the book on Steffie--well, two books, and am now working on a third--I shouldn't be surprised--but I was, and quite delighted!

This is a playline doll from the Barbie Style collection, on an articulated body--like the original Life in the Dreamhouse, in fact. She differs from the original LitD Midge, though, in that her head is more to scale and her hair is a paler shade of red (more strawberry blonde, in my humble opinion).

I think the retail price on these dolls is around $20-25, but Midge was closer to $30 when I bought her, but she has since dropped in price (of course).

The selling point on the dolls is their outfits! They have really great clothes, fun to mix and match. My favorite outfit is

Barbie Style Raquelle Gold-Denim Jacket Doll

, who has a great jacket, shorts, gold sparkling tights, and a denim shirt. I'll add a link to both her and Midge below this post. But Midge's outfit is really cute in a country chic way, too. She includes:

  • an aqua cardigan
  • a lace collar shirt
  • polka dot capri jeans
  • red peep-toes
  • a silver bracelet
  • a red watch
  • silver earrings
  • white glasses
  • a brown shoulder bag

Plus, she's got long applied eyelashes (mine are applied a little weird--I ended trimming them a little), smooth hair, and a nice articulated body for easy posing.

You can see more photos of her, and also comparison photos of her with Life in the Dreamhouse Midge, on