by Alison Rasmussen

OOTB Designs is one of the most exciting new design teams I've met this year!

They've bravely debuted their collection here, which took two years to create, with price points ranging from about $200 to $700, the average piece $300-350.

Mine, OOTB1015, was inspired by Chanel's runway hair bows. Her collar is actually pins--pointing away from her body like a cage. Her faux leather dress is cut and designed from a single piece of fabric, with all beading (and jewelry) done by hand.

What really impressed me by Jean-Huy and Shay Miller is their transparency. They track the cost of each item for each doll doll, as well as (rather depressingly) the number of work hours that go into each doll.
The certificate guarantees my doll is truly a one-of-a-kind--no color or sculpt variation will ever be made. If they do, they promise to refund the original customer (me!) the full original purchase price.

This design team wants to keep their work in-house--they need to know where the design originates, which supplies are used, and so forth. They look at their dolls as true works of art. As do I. It's hard not to, especially once exposed to them in person.