If I worked for Mattel... Betsey Johnson Barbie #2

by Alison Rasmussen

Betsey Johnson Barbie #2

Betsey Johnson floor length evening gown / Betsey Johnson black high heel shoes / Betsey johnson tote / Betsey Johnson bracelet watch / Betsey Johnson vintage crystal necklace / Betsey Johnson flower bracelet / Betsey Johnson vintage heart jewelry / Betsey johnson perfume

Yep. I'd do two versions of this Betsey Johnson Barbie, if I worked for Mattel. This one would have more of a punky, evening vibe--featuring a floor-length, polka-dot tulle gown (without glitter, thank you very much), sparkling vintage-feel jewels, and a little spice with (neutral) leopard print.

This doll would probably have pink hair, I think.

I think I might be working in the wrong field, here, at home, doing laundry. ;)