Back from IFDC

by Alison Rasmussen

Poppy Parker

Poppy Parker

These two (Agent Lotta Danger and Spy-A-Go-Go) are shipping this week. And I'm off to Barbie! Feel free to check out my photos on Flickr.

I used a lighter camera this year, as I'm still recovering from neck surgery, and I just couldn't carry my usual heavy-weight camera with me as usual. I'm terribly disappointed with the quality, but I just didn't have time to learn.

Yep, I really did just blame my drug-induced state on the different camera. ;) My advice--while it's nice to have someone else make your bed, I have a hard time saying no to any activity at convention. I don't know if attending a doll convention was so very smart for my recovery. I'm absolutely exhausted!

At any rate--you can see the collection of IFDC photo here.