New ae Momoko by KOGUMAZA: The princess of Queen Cat and Deer

by MegannArt, Art and Curious Crafts

PetWorks put together a new Momoko with doll designer, Kogumaza, to create a very mori-girl inspired doll.  This young lady comes with a cute print dress of furry creatures with matching flat shoes.  She is a honey face sculpt with unique ultra blonde eyebrows.  This Momoko also has gray eyes, gold eyeshadow, baby pink lips, champagne-silver nails, fair skinned body, and fluffy updo with a mix of ash-blonde and pale-blonde.

The doll will be available for preorder through the PetWorks Global Store from May 5-19, 2104.  Her price is 23,760 yen and free shipping is offered if you buy the doll during the preorder period. 

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Picture courtesy of Petworks.