BNB Dolls at the KBJD Show

by Alison Rasmussen

BNB Dolls

BNB Dolls was a new company to me, introduced at the Korean BJD Show in LA this past weekend. They had some great deals on clothing. The outfits above were sold for about $50-65 per set.

The owner, Nornan, did a fantastic face-up class and demonstration. The "basic" make-up was really amazing. It takes her three hours to complete a basic style make-up for her boys--when she is simply copying a pretty basic style. For OOAK looks, or when she is creating a new make-up style, it can be up to a week to get the look just right!

As far as that goes, after watching her amazing technique, I'll continue paying the bargain price of $40-80 per face. I had no idea it took so much time!

You can see the rest of the dolls here, and a link to steps 1-4 of the make-up class on my Flickr photo stream.