Story of my Life Victoire Roux

by Alison Rasmussen

Story of my life by alington
Story of my life, a photo by alington on Flickr.

The W Club luncheon centerpiece doll, Story of My Life, was a brunette Victoire Roux in a plum and lavender fashion. She's quite lovely, and was available for all attendees to purchase.

We were each given a fashion, a cream lace and olive gown, called Night at Ciro's, as a gift for attending.

Luanne was called on stage fir a fond farewell. She is retiring as W Club liaison. In thanks, she was presented with a lifetime membership in the club and a Raven Natalia Fatale in a black gown variation, similar to Bellissima, last night's centerpiece.

2014 will see Victoire in 1957-8 silhouettes, with a couture fashion show, featuring a complete wardrobe, including looks for different parts of the day, from what I understood. She will be visiting Montreal, and the nightclub Chez Paree. We will see a W Club exclusive next year, also.