Photos added to Fall/Holiday Tonner collection

by Alison Rasmussen

Two new photos have been added to Tonner's Fall/Holiday release:

  • Ruffle Rose Antoinette Basic - This basic Antoinette has green eyes, copper brown hair, and includes a pink dress and panties. LE500 $134.99
  • Peachtree Street Stroll, from the Gone with the Wind Collection - This dressed doll includes a rather amazing pink and black striped cotton day dress with a satin skirt, pink crinkle chiffon sleeves and collar, and black velvet details. That outfit makes me want to start collecting historical outfits again! LE300 $234.99
I think we needed the photos to appreciate the dolls. The only doll left in this latest release on which we're waiting for photos is the mink-haired Cami, Basic Resort Stripe.

As always, these dolls can be ordered from Tonner directly, or you might choose your favorite dealer to save a little bit. I highly recommend Dreamcastle Dolls, who also offers splits (in case you just want the outfit or only the doll).