New IT releases - better late than never - The Stingers!

by Alison Rasmussen

So, what have I been doing this whole time? Other than trying to break my foot and traveling, not much, it seems.

I missed an Integrity Toys release for you all, and I apologize.

This time, even more Jem and the Holograms have been released--The Stingers--three more dolls to this line. Apparently, these dolls must be selling very well. While I don't personally collect this line--I grew up in Germany, and must have missed the original Hasbro collection and TV show--this release of is pretty cool.

Rory Riot Llewelyn, Ingrid Minx Kruger and Phoebe Rapture Ashe make up the band The Stingers. All are blonde with big hair--especially Riot, with his huge Whitesnake-look alike do. Their outfits are pretty cool, and again, gorgeous mini instruments, I have to admit, especially a neat keyboard for Minx. Retail is $119, with an estimated delivery of September. I don't actually see an edition size for these dolls.

Photo is property of Integrity Toys.