When a grail isn't all you'd hoped...

by Alison Rasmussen

Celebration in Paris Tyler Wentworth
Every once in a while, I think I just wait too long to obtain a grail doll. My anticipation builds too much, and then when she arrives, she just can't meet my expectations. This has happened to me recently with the arrival of Celebration in Paris, a Paris Fashion Doll Festival Tyler Wentworth from 2009.

I have to say, she is a lovely Tyler 2.0 sculpt. She's got beautiful platinum blonde hair, styled in short curls. She has amazing red lips and blue eyes. Her black dress is dramatic satin and tulle, with a ribbon belt and a rhinestone buckle. Her jewelry is fantastic, too: two bracelets, a necklace and earrings--all dripping rhinestones. Even her peep-toe shoes are cute and trimmed with sparkles.

I wish she had more dramatic facial screening. I may have waited too long to add her to my collection. She's just not for me. I find she's taking up too much space in my cabinet, and I have to let her go.

I have her listed in on the DollPage Show & Sell for what I paid. I'm hoping someone else will be able to give her a good home and appreciate her, and her limited edition (only 100 were made!), for what she is.