My morphing collection

by Alison Rasmussen

My morphing collection by alington
My morphing collection, a photo by alington on Flickr.
It's happened again! Not only have I been shuffling around my fashion dolls, but my BJD collection is going through a change as well.

In addition to adding more realistic sculpts to the line up, I've found that my fascination with Alice-themed and historical/Rococo era outfits have fallen by the wayside in favor of more contemporary styles. These can be a little difficult to find. However, I like several things about them:
  • First, they take up a lot less room to display and store.
  • Second, they are fun to mix and match. It's fun putting together pieces from several fashions and creating a new look. The versatility reminds me of playing with fashion dolls.
  • Third, you have the option of formal wear in additional casual looks, so you aren't stuck with a single style.
Here, Peak's Woods Briana and Lottie are modeling two new outfits from Angell-Studio. Briana is in Modern Forest Suit, and Lottie is wearing Blooming Rose. Briana is in a DollHeart wig, and Lottie is in a Leeke wig and DollHeart shoes. I think the outfits are really cute--well made, and simply adorable.