Steffie of the day: Miss America

by Alison Rasmussen

Miss America by alington
Miss America, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Originally produced in 1973, Miss America is an early version of Steffie. There are many variations of this doll.

Walk Lively Miss America is shown above. You can find this doll with longer hair or short hair (mine above has short hair). Some include the walking stand, but others don't.

The following year, when the Walk Lively Miss America dolls had sold out--they were a special Kellogg's exclusive--they were replaced with Quick Curl Miss America, first as a brunette, and then as a blonde.

I find the brunette Quick Curl Miss America is the most difficult to find of the three.

The blonde dolls came with many variations:
  • short or tall crown (the short one is hard to find)
  • pale blonde or golden blonde hair
  • the dress has a textured bodice or lamé bodice
  • the dress has a silver lamé or gold lamé bodice (the silver is more rare)
  • the cape has an ermine border or a plain white border (the white is more rare)
  • the doll has intense facial screening or more natural facial screening (the intense facial screening is harder to find)
The Canadian-issued dolls, in the orange box, are harder to find than the American pink boxes.

You can have lots of fun collecting these dolls!

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