Tonner Ballet

by Alison Rasmussen

For the fairytale princess in us all (?), Tonner has released one new ballerina and two new outfits. They are simply gorgeous. None have estimated delivery dates yet.

Above, it's Sugar Plum Fairy, an outfit limited to 300, retail is $124.99. It fits the 16" Tyler body, and it includes the shoes, tights, headpiece, and it's a single dress with attached tutu and panties.

Blue Bell is an outfit limited to 300 also, retail $124.99. It's a single-piece dress/bodysuit/tutu as well, and it includes tights, blue slippers, and hair decoration as well.

Wood Nymph is $224.99 for the dressed doll, and she uses Model #6 head (I think this is Gina/TDLM) with green eyes and rooted chestnut hair. She includes high heel feet in addition to ballet feet. Her dress is a single piece with attached panties, and she includes the hair decoration, shoes and tights as well. She's limited to 400.