Merry Christmas to me!

by Alison Rasmussen

So... I maybe did a little shopping the other day--looking for some Little Miss Matched items for a BJD girl I have (I hear their clothing fit that skinny little Doll Chateau body), and I entered to win Tonner's twelve days of Christmas drawing.

Keeping in mind that I never win anything... I actually won! And not only did I win, I won big! I won an autographed proof of the gorgeous 22" Madame Bovary American Model. This is a doll I missed out on when she was first released. She has blue inset eyes, rooted brown hair, and a fabulous period outfit.

Plus, her outfit fits my Peak's Woods Absolute Beauty BJD girls perfectly. I am absolutely thrilled!

Today is the last day to enter, and no purchase is necessary.

Photo above belongs to Tonner Doll Company, and was taken by the talented Ernesto Padró-Campos.