Jem and the Holograms - Wave I

by Alison Rasmussen

Integrity Toys and Hasbro is pleased to announce Wave 1 of Jem and the Holograms, now available to pre-order from your favorite Integrity Toys dealer, like Treasure Dolls. Dolls are estimated to ship November 2012.

First up and shown above, Classic Jem. Limited to 1000, retail $119. She has applied eyelashes, gorgeous pink hair, pink minidress with silver fringed belt, fishnet stockings, microphone with base, and doll stand.

Jerrica Benton is limited to 850 and retails for $119. This is the first time Jerrica (Jem by night) has been seen as a stand-alone doll. She includes a turquoise and white striped shirtdress, matching cap and pumps, purse, and doll-sized Jem album and music industry magazine.

Synergy is limited to 750 doll and retails for $119. This is the artificial intelligence 3D holograph projector, which transforms Jerrica into Jem--if you're not familiar with Jem's story. She includes a gift box containing JemStar earrings for Jerrica, an additional pair of metallic gloved hands and lavender colored hands. I have to say I adore her hair.

An Integrity release wouldn't be complete without the man candy. Rio Pacheco, Jerrica's boyfriend doesn't disappoint. (Check out those deck shoes!) He includes a pleather varsity jacket, pleated trousers, salmon t-shirt, and OMG a new wave watch (it looks like a Swatch!), duffle bag and backstage pass.

Seeing these photos makes me think of "Saved by the Bell." Like, OH my gaw-! Please tell me I never tried to get my hair that big.