Travels with Carolyn & Colette: Day One & Two

by Alison Rasmussen

Colette - We left San Diego very early in the morning (6:00am! Did no one tell Carolyn and her Mom that models DO NOT get up that early?) To be Honest, as excited as I was to see more of California then just San Diego, I slept for the first couple of hours. Woke up in Los Angeles, The City of Angels! Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive (shopping!) But did we do any of those things? No! We whizzed by on the freeway. So ennui..... Next we traveled through the Grapevine (Why they call it that, I have no idea. There wasn't a grapevine in sight.) We then descended into the San Joaquin Valley which sounds romantic Qui? But no! Miles & miles of freeway, various crops and SMELLY cows! And HOT! I'm starting to think that Carolyn should have brought Erin. At last we started climbing into the mountains and saw both Lake Shasta and Mount Shasta; beautiful and very dramatic. But still hot. We arrived in Weed, Ca (what a stupid name for a town) to our stop for the night. I was expecting a luxury Hotel, but instead got a Quality Inn Motel! Definitely, should have brought Erin.
Early the next morning, but not too early, we left for Oregon, Washington and our destination Spokane. But first we got coffee.
Next we arrived in Oregon.
Oregon is a beautiful state AND there is no sales tax! Not that I got to enjoy this bounty. We did stop for lunch in Bend which is super cute. I would have liked to spend more time, but Carolyn said we had a long way to go to reach Spokane. (This place better be worth it!) The green forests soon gave way to high plains and more crops. We crested a hill and before us spread as far as the eye could see were giant windmills! Hundreds, if not thousands, of them. They are a renewable source of energy for the region. (See! Not all models are dumb.) We drove along the Columbia River for many miles before we crossed over into Washington. I have to admit I fell asleep for the rest of the trip. But woke when we arrived at Carolyn's cousin Tammy's home. Spokane seems to be a pretty place and I'm excited to see more. Oh! And I made a new friend, Robby. Tammy's son. Cute, but alas, too young for me.
That's all for now, more to come..........