Miniature books - an easy & inexpensive project

These little books are so easy, quick & inexpensive that you’ll probably end up with stacks of them all around your house after this! I like making them as table gifts at doll conventions because you can customize them with each of your tablemates’ favorite book titles!

The size & shape of the wood pieces will determine the type of book (novel, textbook, coffee-table book) and scale (12” doll, 16” doll, etc.).


Step 1

1. Glue several wood pieces together to create the “pages.” The number of pages will determine the thickness of your book, but usually about 2-4 pieces.

Step 2
2. Once glue is dry, paint the edges of the pages with white paint (or ivory, for the look of an older book).

3. Once paint is dry, cut a rectangle of leather or vinyl that will cover the front, spine & back of book, allowing a little extra to extend past the end of the pages. Spread glue on front, spine & back of the pages and wrap the leather around, holding or clamping until glue dries.

4. Trim the edges of the leather if needed, so only about 1/8” extends past the edge of the pages.

5. If you have a steady hand, or can recruit somebody who does, write a book title on the front of the book or along the spine.
Steps 3 & 4
Step 5