Abbe Lane Superdoll exclusive from Marl & B

by Alison Rasmussen

Save the date - tomorrow, September 1, at noon EST, Wolf Whistles will go on sale at Marl & B. This doll is an exclusive to Marl & B, and the first in the Abbe Lane collection from Superdoll.

She is a Ruby clone, #1102 (closed mouth sculpt) or #1103 (open mouth sculpt), in a sun-kissed skin tone. She includes a side parted red updo wig, leopard corset swimsuit, chiffon wrap, and leopard printed stilettos.

Also included are the beach bag and doll stand. Dolls are limited to 50 pieces each. From the production photos, it looks like sunglasses and earrings are also included, but that isn't actually stated. I don't have pricing for the doll yet, either. She sure is lovely!

Wolf Whistles - Superdoll Abbe Lane - Marl & B exclusive, photo property of Superdoll.