How do you feel about multi-tasking?

by Alison Rasmussen

Generally speaking, are you a multi-tasker? As it turns out, I'm not so much. However, I do go in productive creative spurts that border on mania. Well, perhaps these spurts could be described that way. Possibly another way to describe this phenomenon is inspiration and procrastination--combined with artificially and unrealistically set goals.

Or maybe I just really don't want to do the laundry.

I uploaded the proof for my next project, the next in the Out of the Box series, all about Mattel's Steffie sculpt late last night, after I received the proof via UPS for Alice: Out of the Box.

My goals are:

  • Finish Steffie: Out of the Box by Barbie convention. 
  • Finish Alice: Out of the Box in time for IFDC. 
  • Stay off the news.

We shall see.

Really, though. It makes me wonder why I'm doing this. Wanting to throw all PDF-related products out the window, never to be seen again? Terrible reviews on Amazon? $2 per book?

No! Because I love dolls, I love photography, and I love writing, darn it! Tears and all.