Dolls I miss...

by Alison Rasmussen

Bordeaux Tyler Wentworth is a Paris Fashion Doll Festival doll from 2002. She was in my collection for a long while, and I sold her quite some time ago. She's dressed in a fabulous silk 1920s era flapper dress. It's so adorable!

If you like this doll, you can still find her for sale on Doll Expo. Click on Online Shop, then on Tonner Dolls, under Tyler. She is 95 Euros plus shipping. (I think they may be having issues with the English language version of the site, so use the French version and Google translate if needed.) They have great customer service, and lots of hard to find fabulous dolls!

My doll collection is pretty fluid, but I find that fluidity often brings nostalgia with it sometimes. I'm hoping to add a fabulous new resin Tonner to my collection this weekend. We shall see!