Two little surprises from Tonner Doll

by Alison Rasmussen

Two delightful little surprises in Tonner's mainline release are two new additions to the 13" fashion doll collection, 13" Siomone Basic and 13" Suzette Basic.

These dolls are limited to 500 each and retail for $89.99. They share bodies with the 13" Revlon dolls, and can share their fashions--I'm so thrilled to say! Simone is one of my favorite head sculpts, and I'm delighted to see a mini version of Suzette.

Each doll includes lingerie, shoes and a stand (hooray!), plus adorable ruffled lingerie. Ship dates are to be determined, but the dolls are available for pre-order. Simone is wigged, while Suzette is rooted.