by Alison Rasmussen

Jess by alington
Jess, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My very first Nu Mood doll, Jess, has arrived, and I couldn't be more pleased. Jess is the Cinderella sculpt, created by Tonner Doll Company. She's a new basic doll on the Dance body with brown eyes, rooted blonde hair, and interchangeable ballet feet and hands.

She retails for $59.99 (but my cost ended up closer to $45), and for a 16" collector doll, that's pretty good. She is a basic doll, doesn't include a stand or shoes. The feet and hand packs are still on their way.

I have to apologize for my iPhone photos--but I was just so thrilled to take her out of the box and have a doll for play. I think she's a great price, and I'm thrilled to have a doll just for fun. (I feel like it's Christmas.) I have to confess, I was so excited that I emailed my doll dealer this morning and ordered Sydney, too.

I've heard that for true ballet posing it would be nice if the doll's hips would turn out; however, I think I might be able to fake it with a longer skirt and turning just her feet out a bit. Plus, I don't really intend to use her as a dancer. I think she looks like she is stretching--and I love the shape of the toes. As a California girl, it's a great excuse to have a doll in bare feet!

You can see a few more photos on Flickr.