Pan Am Stewardess from Madame Alexander

by Alison Rasmussen

Alex as a Pan Am Stewardess

In my regularly scheduled doll promotional email this morning, I received some interesting new releases from Madame Alexander, courtesy of Dollsville. These two lovely dolls are due in July of this year, and have a lovely retro vibe about them--enough so I couldn't let the day pass without sharing.

From the 16" fashion doll collection is Pan Am 16" Stewardess. From her impeccably groomed blonde curls and elegantly screened make-up, down to her white gloved hands and black pumps, you're sure to get the best service available. She wears the tweed blue suit of Pan Am including logo pin, matching cap, and even includes a fabulous travel bag. Alex is limited to only 150 dolls and retails for $169.95, though Dollsville has her listed as a preorder special for $149.99.

Additionally, check out the 10" Pan Am Stewardess. She is a limited edition of 200 dolls, and retails for $139.95. Dollsville has her listed as a pre-order special for $124.99.

Photos property of Alexander Doll Company, courtesy of
Pan Am Stewardess, 10".