Tonner's Nu Mood - and mine!

by Alison Rasmussen

Tyler's Nu Mood
The much anticipated release of Tyler Wentworth's Nu Mood has been released, and I'm excited to be able to post about it. I cannot decide which of the fabulous photos to post--a great site to see the entire collection in one place is Dreamcastle Dolls (and yes, this link will actually take you to the dolls site), as well as Tonner Doll's new website.

Some new inspiration for designer Robert Tonner, the Nu Mood dolls are available in three different body types for $59.99 per doll:

Fashion (wigged) - includes Tyler and Sydney. I'm noticing what looks like an articulated waist.

Dance (rooted hair) - includes Carrie, Parker and Jess. Smaller bust, it seems.

Curvy (wigged dolls) - including Bettie and Paige. Larger bust, but it appears she too has an articulated waist.

There are two skin tones:

Tyler skin tone and

Spice. So far, you may choose from seven different face sculpts:
Additionally, for play, you can add In Step or Nu Mood Hands to your doll, which gives you three pairs of hands and feet in either of the skin tones for an additional $24.99 per set.

Eight styles of wigs are available for $39.99 each. My favorite is this one:

Then--the clothing and accessories! Three different pairs of ballet shoes, ten pairs of heels (including boots) and five pairs of flat shoes are available, for $34.99 per pair, except the ballet sets, which retail for $39.99. I admit, I've fallen for the ballet shoes.

There are three tops available ($49.99), and three pairs of pants ($34.99 per pair), and six different skirts (ranging from $44.99-69.99). Additionally, five bags are available as well ($34.99). Here are a few sample outfits:

Nu Mood™ Carrie Dance with Finishing Touch Ballet, [kitty magnet] Black Ballet Skirt and Black Top - retail  $219.96
Nu Mood™ Tyler Fashion with Rose Top, Lilac Chiffon Skirt, High Heel #2 and Pink Bag - retail $229.95
Nu Mood™ Jess Dance with Champagne Top, Ballet Skirt, and Finishing Touch Ballet - retail $194.96
Nu Mood™ Jess with Black Top, Black Chiffon Skirt and Ankle Boots - $204.96
Interestingly, the outfit pieces say that they will fit all the dolls in the Nu Mood™ collection, so while the dolls have new bodies, the size differences must not be terribly significant, or the designs are such that they fall nicely on various body sizes and shapes. (This might be a good news for original Tyler body fans!)

In looking at this first release, I have to say there are a lot of choices. The concept is a little like build-your-own Tonner Doll. I'd be very interested to know if the bust is interchangeable with previous bodies, and exactly how the body has changed. I wonder if you might be able to swap the upper torsos of dolls in order to take advantage of the new foot options. (Specifically, I'm thinking of some older, lovely Theatre de la Mode Tyler Wentworth dolls I've been ogling lately.)

Also, some collectors might complain about the prices. Taken as a full set, as above, I'd say they are comparable to the other dressed dolls in Tonner's currently release, with a slight premium on being able to design the doll yourself. (Additionally, these are retail prices listed--not what you would pay from a dealer, and they aren't licensed products, which generally have a premium.) 

The playability of the hands and feet are a plus, and the option to use the hands on the other dolls is intriguing. I really adore the ballet feet--and not just for dance. I think it would make for a fun photo shoot to pose dolls barefoot (I'm pretty much a California girl, now, I admit), with one en point foot stretching out to relax. I like that you can style the same doll in many different ways--with hands, feet, wigs, and bodies.

I'm thrilled to see Carrie and Friday again. Plus, I really didn't care for the Pin Up sculpt--till Paige. The styles of clothing are light, airy, whimsical--they remind me of something Tyler would design herself, if I may go that far. 

The downsides to this collection: First, the number of choices and options are overwhelming. I know I'd like to add Paige, but I also want Jess. Having a single skin tone would be easier as far as sharing hands and feet (I'd really only need one foot/hand package per skin tone, I think). How to decide?

It would be easier for me if all the dolls were wigged (but I know there are collectors out there who can't stand wigs). Already, I've seen comments about having a brunette Jess. 

Or if you could order upper and lower bodies separately--but what a mess that would be! However, that would solve the problem of wanting a truly design your own doll. Prices would probably increase then, too.

I can't even imagine what went into designing this collection--how to decide which sculpts go on which bodies. You just can't make every collector happy--but this comes close. I'm thrilled to see new body sculpts--and I think Mr. Tonner has needed some inspiration in the Wentworth arena recently. I'm glad to see the dance/fashion/1950s styles of dolls, attention to detail in facial screening to correspond for those styles, and hope to see more in the future.*

Plus, finding a new basic Tonner Doll for $59.99 is really a pretty good deal. Adding a foot or hand package to make the doll you want (or perhaps swapping with someone, or selling the extra pieces on the secondary market) is a price I'm certainly willing to pay.

Now all that's left for me is to decide which one(s) I'd like the most!

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.