Spring Kissed in jennygrey

by Kathie

OK, I am in trouble....

I love Integrity's new FR16 line of dolls. Spring Kissed is just so pretty and her hands and face paint are delicate and soft. She poses well (even without a stand) and the hairstyle will be easy to maintain. I've ordered the entire IDEX line. Sigh...I said I was in trouble. Time to rearrange the doll cabinet and make room for another line of dolls.

Integrity Toys, I would like to know the name of this character. Is she Saskia? Spring Kissed was named for her fashion, but her character was unnamed. The entire IDEX FR16 line of dolls have names. (Saskia, Anais, Elsa, and Freja) Also, could we have a pronounciation guide for these lovely ladies? I think I can handle Elsa, but the other pronounciations are a bit of a mystery.

Spring Kissed has been redressed in a jennygrey fashion and is wearing Horsman's Vita sandals.