Stardoll® by Barbie are available from BarbieCollector

by Alison Rasmussen

Have you heard the hype about the new Stardoll Barbie? Inspired by avatars from the hottest online fashion and gaming fashions, these new dolls step out of the virtual world and into the world of doll play.

That, in itself, requires a whole new essay.

The dolls 8 new sculpts using something close to the model muse bodies (with larger feet, more delicate hands, and slightly larger rears), and also can use three different accessory packs.

From BarbieCollector, Bonjour Bizou, Doll Space, Fallen Angel and Pretty n' Love are available in Style 1 or Style 2 for $20.99 each. Each style (except for Doll Space, it appears) as an accessory kit available for $15.99, including at least one dress, one extra mix-n-match piece, two pair of shoes, a bag and a clutch, jewelry, hair accessories and other accessories.

The prices aren't bad; what concerns me is that feet are bigger, the dolls aren't articulated well, and I'd want to know if this brand is meant to stand alone for an older chill audience, rather than collectors. I do like the demographic make-up of the dolls. It's nice to see dolls that aren't all blue-eyed and blonde.