Thankful III

by miladyblue

Well, at the risk of sounding exceptionally greedy, I passed the mark of 100 Tonner dolls in April of this year. Not bad for someone who started collecting these lovely ladies in 2007!

Anyway, the doll that pushed me over the so-called "Century Mark" actually might have been a denizen of my so-called Bluebeard Drawer. I purchased her as a head, but decided that she had to have a body as soon as I could arrange it. One of my other dolls, whom I wanted to Frankendolly onto a different style of body "volunteered" to "donate" her body to the cause, and doll number 100 became a "real live doll," and not an occupant in my Bluebeard Drawer.

Kalypso Hart, formerly Egyptian Gold Betty Ann
I have long been a Greek mythology fan, and one of my favorite names from mythology was the name of one of the goddesses mentioned in The Odyssey, who tried to keep King Odysseus with her and make him Her immortal consort.

Oh, and for those of you who wonder what in the world a Bluebeard Drawer could POSSIBLY be or look like, here is your answer:

Gruesome, isn't it?
And don't worry - I am already planning my New Year's Resolution for 2012, and that is to get bodies for all of these lovely ladies.