Large and Largess?

by Alison Rasmussen

I love playing with scale in my doll collection, and I'm always struck when similar dolls and styles come out with from prior collections from doll manufacturers. 

Two fabulous examples were released in Tonner's latest release.

Above, the gorgeous 1920s styled Platinum Luxury American Model. She is the large(ss) version.

Below, the amazing grail, Classic Elegance Sydney. People, I will trade my brand new, mint condition Blue Alice for this Syndey. Why, you may ask? I have, what the laywomen refer to, a keeper. 

I was having a difficult day yesterday. Jokingly (and in a rather bitchy manner, if I admit it), I forwarded a photo  of the new American Model to my husband via email, when he asked what he could do to make my day better. "Buy me this doll." And to my utter surprise, he did! (From Dreamcastle!) With the caveat that I not complain about various Christmas parties or do anything embarrassing there. (People who know me, please--no comments about work parties.) I am delighted!

Now, I'd like to add the smaller version to my collection as well. (I'd hate to press my luck by having another bad day--so a trade perhaps?) Wouldn't they look wonderful together?

The other set can be seen below:

From the Gowns by Anne Harper collection, Anna Karenina is close to selling out. It's still available from Toni's Collectibles. The outfit is designed for wigged 16" dolls such as Tyler Wentworth.

For a larger scale, there is the beautiful Anna Karenina American Model, still available for purchase. The two displayed together would be simply stunning in your collection!