Holiday wish list?

by Alison Rasmussen

Bayer Alice - photo property of Lati Doll.
Which dolls are on your holiday wish list this year? I have to confess, I have a Christmas doll and a birthday doll on their way to me already, so I can't complain.

Which dolls or outfits are on the top of your wish list this year? Are you giving any dolls as gifts? I am, but I can't post about them, due to some of the readers of this blog.

I also have to confess, as usual, I have to plan my ball-jointed doll gifts very early, so they will arrive in time for Christmas. And if you can believe it, both are Alice-themed.

The first is Lati Doll's Alice (it's the Grown-Up Bayer sculpt) shown above. She's a limited edition full-set tiny (only 16 cm tall), and she includes the little resin Cheshire kitty.

The second, from Peak's Woods, is the Lady Alice full-set. She is a YoSD size and adorable. I cannot wait. Of course, when the dolls arrive, I'll have to peek to make sure they have made it in one piece.

Lady Alice - photo property of Peak's Woods.
Maybe I should call them "Peek's Woods." Tee hee.