A new Tonner record--The Rose of Versailles is sold out!

by Alison Rasmussen

Wow--a new record for Tonner Doll Company! The limited edition of 100 outfits, The Rose of Versailles, sold out around 10:45 this morning PST, within an hour and 45 minutes of its release.

The outfit is a gorgeous Rococo era fashion: an ivory and blue printed gown, including incredible lace and ribbon details, a platinum wig, matching choker, pearl earrings, adorable blue period style shoes and feathered floral hat.

It retails for a whopping $139.99 and is scheduled to ship on October 25.

If you didn't get one--don't give up. I was able to pick one up from Dreamcastle Dolls (who is now sold out), and one for a friend of mine at Toni's Collectibles

Did you know Toni's Collectibles ships orders over $100 for free? Check out their amazing selection of older Tonner items--especially the 13" Revlon dolls. They have one of each one--including the wigged one! Plus, if you happen to be addicted to finding clothes for your Poppy Parker doll, check out these outfits for Simone Rouge--I find they usually fit pretty well.

Last I heard, you might be able to pick one up from Rose & Rouge in Canada, if they haven't already sold out.

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.