Color Infusion and Monograms at the Friday Night Event

by Alison Rasmussen

The centerpiece doll at Friday evening's event was a doll from the Color Infusion line, Psychedelic Splash. I'm thrilled to see another few dolls from this line--the two dolls from this year's collection are on their way to me.

Sure, her dress might remind you a little of the sequined numbers from the Dazzle collection, but I think she's gorgeous. I'm not sure--but she looks a little like the Erin sculpt to me.

At their tables, guests found another piece to their convention surprise--an accessories set--plus a Color Infusion doll of their own: Sunset Rave. I've heard this is a darker skinned Ayumi.

I think she's absolutely gorgeous and fun. I, for one, am not afraid of color. For those of you who know me, I have colored hair--and by colored, I mean, it changes every four weeks, and currently, it's black and turquoise. I love the bright orange of this outfit. I adore the jewelry in this set as well.

As the evening continued, Vaughn revealed the holiday Monogram collection on stage. There are three new gorgeous dolls. All will be limited editions of 300, priced at $150 each, and be released in mid to late October. (That's this month!)


I love the facial screening, the oversized and detailed gowns--to me, this is what Monograms are about--the monochromatic and colorful color schemes, and the accessories. I wonder if it's enough to get me to order them. I think the green might be my favorite--if the bodice of the gown is actually executed perfectly.

And just a note--these dolls will be featured in the winter 2011 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly. Pre-orders will more than likely be taken starting on Monday, October 10.

Photos property of Integrity Toys.