Dolls to the Wall, Episode 2

by Alison Rasmussen

Dolls to the Wall, Episode 2

Check out our second podcast and get your dolly news on the go. I've listed a ton of news and sales about Barbie, Integrity Toys, Tonner Dolls, and ball-jointed dolls in under 15 minutes this week. I've included some events as well as a much-loved update on my Steffie obsession (I'm sure you just can't wait).

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Here are some links I reference in this week's podcast:

Barbie Dream Sale
Cherished Friends sale page
Fashion Doll Review eBay Store
IMPLdoll Event
JaksJewels new BJDs
Cheryl's Dolls Check, Please Francie dealer exclusive Silkstone
Francie BFC exclusive gift set, Nighty Brights™-- they've just added photos of the outfit, too!
Toki Doki Barbie from Susan's Dolls
Dreamcastle Splits and Consignment Corner

Teddy Bear Jubilee
Wisconsin Fired Arts Event
Ellowyne's Wilde about Paris - Pat Dutchman