Cherished Friends Chrys & Rose exclusives on clearance!

by Alison Rasmussen

If you're an Antoinette or Cami&Jon™ fan, check out the clearance sale at Cherished Friends!

  • Rose (Suzette sculpt), brown eyes, bloom skin tone and blonde hair - regularly $99.99, sale $64.99
  • Chrys (Stella sculpt), green eyes, cameo skin tones and brunette hair - regularly $99.99, sale $64.99
  • Exclusive Up and Out fashion, regularly $119.99, sale $59.99

It's a great deal!

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

Exclusive Rose Basic Blonde - Suzette sculpt on Antoinette body
Exclusive Chrys Basic Brunette, Stella sculpt on Antoinette body

Up and Out fashion, exclusive to Cherished Friends
Designed for Antoinette body