The search for Vanessa.

by Alison Rasmussen

True Royalty Vanessa by alington
True Royalty Vanessa, a photo by alington on Flickr.
So... I want to know if this is just me, or if it's typical of other doll collectors. I go through these phases in which I become suddenly obsessed with a particular doll or two (or three). The current dolls-of-the-moment:
  • Mattel's Steffie sculpt (which you already know)
  • Poppy Parker
  • Vanessa Perrin
I know my followers have been suffering through my Steffie obsession for some time. Maybe you weren't aware of my slowly growing Poppy Parker collection. I'm not sure I have to have them all (fortunately--my friends and fellow Bloggers Valerie and Kathie have completed their collections to date at IFDC, and I'll be nagging them about a series of posts).

But Vanessa... well, I know a lot of collectors out there have a love/hate obsession with her. I'm not in love with all of them. There are a few I'll definitely need to add. Yes, I ordered the W Club exclusive. No, my True Royalty is not complete. Yes, I most definitely need more Vanessas. My most recent addition is Temptation Vanessa (photos soon!), otherwise known as Bump It Vanessa. I adore her.

What about you? Do you have a sculpt obsession? Who are they? Do they come and go, wax and wane?

What about this: If you have more than one, do the sculpts have anything in common? I happen to: the lips. I like great big pouty lips.

My next question... which Vanessa do you think I need the most? Besides Metal Maven?