Coming soon on FDR

by Alison Rasmussen

A couple of articles you have to look forward to in the upcoming weeks:

  • San Diego Comic Con coverage
  • Sweeping Antoinette - a review (she's in the mail now!)
  • Poppy Parker Youthquake and Darla Daley Twist 'n Shout - do they live up to a Poppy Parker fan's expectations?
  • A shopping excursion to the UFDC
  • Doll Party with DollHeart in Glendale, Ca, co-hosted by Ms. Cholong and the Doll Peddlar
  • A recap of the Barbie convention in Florida
  • The PJ project
Do you have any other special requests? I have more photos from IFDC yet to upload, but my computer is currently in the shop. Sorry so slow on the photos!