Vintage Barbie fashion #991, Registered Nurse

by Kathie

This is Barbie's Registered Nurse fashion available from 1961-1964. It includes:

  • white uniform with pin (often discolored to silver but was originally gold) and zippered back. There are four white buttons on the front.
  • navy cape with red lining, one button with loop closure (this is the piece containing the Barbie tag)
  • black glasses with clear lenses
  • cardboard diploma
  • hot water bottle
  • medicine bottle
  • metal spoon
  • white open-toe shoes
  • white nurse's hat with black stripe
Here's a tip for dressing your Barbie doll in this fashion: do not secure the hat with a metal pin. It will cause the vinyl to turn green. Instead, use museum putty to keep the cap in place. Current market value for this career fashion near mint and complete is about $125.