Lemon Color Magic

by Alison Rasmussen

Lemon Color Magic, originally uploaded by alington.
Another new trade acquisition, a lemon/golden blonde Color Magic. She's just gorgeous.

A friend of mine mentioned you can change their hair, with the help of baking soda, but I think I'll wait till I have a second one I can practice on, LOL!

It occurs to me I might be a high maintenance vintage Barbie collector. At our last doll meet, I was green with envy at a friend's purchase of Golden Glory (#1645 from 1965). (Val, would you PLEASE post photos??) She bought the gown and coat in near mint condition, and oh my! It's gorgeous. Me? I'd "require" the golden glitter open toed heels, also.

See some more photos of my lovely Color Magic on Flickr. I'll be redoing the vintage shelves today, I think.