Leekeworld Tiny hybrid

by Alison Rasmussen

Tiny, originally uploaded by alington.
Another older hybrid BJD is back from Overnight Flight's miracle spa. This is Leeke's Tiny head on a Junior Girl Minoru world body. She's a little taller than your usual YoSD sized girl, and has just a big more curve.

I had planned on selling her, since I've never bonded with her, but was having no luck in the Den of Angels marketplace. So, I sent her to Beesou. And oh my. Sorry, folks, she's not for sale anymore!

I asked for something a little sad or pouty, natural and pearly, very soft and neutral lips. Anything I ever said about this sculpt, I take it back. She is adorable. (Darn it. I was trying to de-fan myself of Leeke dolls, actually.)

More photos of her on Flickr. She's dressed in Poinsettia by DollHeart and a wig and eyes by Kemper Dolls. (See more of Beesou's work here.)