Goldie in Under the Boardwalk

by Alison Rasmussen

Goldie in Under the Boardwalk., originally uploaded by alington.
What a difference a face-up makes!

This is also Goldie by Peak's Woods. She has an original face-up by Peak's Woods, and was my second SD-sized BJD ever. She and Claudine (from the previous post) share the same face mold, but as you can see, make-up colors and styling make a huge difference in the doll's appearance.

Goldie is dressed in a Val Zeitler/Haute Doll outfit called Under the Boardwalk, and is wearing a wig designed by Val Zeitler and produced by Haute Doll as well.

She is wearing smaller diameter glass eyes in violet, as well, and her make-up is an original factory face-up.

Can you tell by comparison what your aesthetic preference is? Personally, I can't narrow it down. I love both girls.

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